Monday, March 14, 2011

How to unlock mio 268 and 269 GPS

All you have to do is:
1.Download this file and extract it anywhere on the gps SD card.
2.Turn on the GPS and hold the volume up key and flag key untill it shows "clean all data in my flash disk"
3.Press yes and click ok on the next window
4.Now u'll see the mio backround, in the bottom there's a tiny grey stripe, click on it and a bar will show up.
5.Click on the windows sign, then programs, then windows explorer.
6.A window will show up click on the SD card folder
7.Click on autorunce.exe
8.Your mio is unlocked now you can install new maps on it and even run WinCE apps like miopocket

enjoy and feel free to comment if you want me to help you with any other gps device

Unlock wireless networks part 1

Do you have any Thomson or D-link routers near you?

If you see any Thomson or D-link names on your network list chances are that their owners haven't changed the password on them, this means anyone can access them just by using the name shown on the list.
If you are interested check out the website(only 2006-2009 models) or download one of the apps bellow:


For D-links you'll need  the mac address u can find it using a program called netstumbler

I should also warn you that doing this is illegal, the only reason i posted this is to show people how easy it is to hack their networks and I'll assist any of you who need help changing the wireless password on their routers.

The begining

Compwiki is my first blog and its going to be all about computer related stuff. I hope you find my posts useful and keep coming back.